2014 Picnic

Fifty plus GCGRS members gathered at the club layout at EnterTRAINment Junction for the auunal GCGRS picnic.

This year’s train theme was Eggliners. Multiple Eggliners were present including a scratchbuilt model by Tom Mathews built on a stomper mechanism, complete with LED lights and Bill Brown’s Eggliner with DCC and sound.

Everyone enjoyed running and watching the trains, our always entertaining business meeting, visiting, eating delicious snacks, desserts and City BBQ.

Numerous member went home with door prizes including Dan List, who won the grand prize – a Piko Starter Set.

Thanks to everyone who worked hard preparing the layout, brought trains and Eggliners to run, helped with the setup, tear down, door prizes, food, etc.

Special Thanks to Mitch and Mindy Nearhood for getting the City BBQ and door prizes and to Don Oeters who provide the soft drinks, ice, etc.

If you have other pictures send them to me at dmstenger@twc.com and I’ll add them.