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Boat and Train Collection – Roger Lang’s Models

Roger Lang was a very excellent modeler. He was mostly a riverboat modeler, but also had a large scale indoor logging layout. Almost all of Roger’s boats are radio controlled. He modeled primarily in 1:48 scale or O gauge, but he has three models that would be considered G gauge and/or 1:20 scale. The Myrtle Corey, for example, is 1:20. You will see a Bantam (orange) crane on a barge. That crane is 1:24. He also had a Cabin Cruiser that has two individuals who I would say are Barbie or GI Joe scale. His models are large in general mostly 36 to 48 inches in length.

The railroad has both Bachmann and Accucraft locos. The Accucraft models include a West Side Lumber three truck Shay #15, the West Side Lumber #3 Heisler, and the no-name Climax. Several Bachmann Shays, Climax, etc. are also represented. The track is code 250 Aluminum and although I couldn’t find a brand on the ties, I believe them to be Micro-Engineering. The ties are of a standard gauge design. You will also see some Aristocraft and other brands of equipment in the photos including a couple of Lionel pieces.

In addition he had some R/C model cars and 4X4s which I did not photograph.

Roger passed last November and I am helping Roger’s family dispose of his models. Everything you see is for sale and the family is looking more to find a good home then to make top dollar for the items. If you are interested in an item please contact me. If a large group is interested in seeing his collection, I may be able to arrange a visit, however, his condo is very small.

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Tom Cruse