Holiday Junction 2014

Each year, the GCGRS sets up a winter wonderland with trains in the basement of the Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal for Holiday Junction. Over two Saturdays our talented crew worked extra hard to create this year’s masterpiece.

Special Thanks to everyone who helped.

Oct. 4th

Dan and Zach Stenger, Scot Rogers, Bob Dransman, Tom Mathews, Tom Christy, Bob Vincent, Dave Taylor, Paul Zook, Ken Wagner, Curg Shields, and Tom Geier

Oct. 25th

Mitch and Mindy Nearhood, Allan and Liz Pantle, Ray Hughes, Mike and Jeanette Wolf, Dan and Joyce List, Dan, Pam and Zach Stenger, Tom Mathews, Mark Hagen, Scot Rogers, Tom Christy, Bob Ampulski, Harold Bacon, Bob Dransman, Tom Geier, Jack Griffin, Tori Jarvis, Bernie Lamers, Mary Kammer, Bob Lewis, Bob Vincent and Ken Wagner.

High Line
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