Willow Lantern Award

Each year, the GCGRS presents the Brass Lantern Award to a deserving member. This year we presented a special award to Paul Busse. Paul was one of the four founding members of the GCGRS. He volunteered Cincinnati to host the 1991 National Garden Railway Convention and help found the GCGRS in order to host the convention. For years, Paul was an active member and helped numerous families start their own garden railways, designed the hexagonal modular display used for years by the GCGRS. Paul has inspired garden railroaders all over the world with his award winning designs. He started Applied Imagination with displays all over the United States including the Chicago Botanical Gardens, the New York Botanical Garden’s Christmas Show, and the New Orlean’s Botanical Garden. Paul’s signature building designs using natural materals are world reknowned. Paul has been and is an inspiration to us all. We are proud to present him with his own special Willow Lantern Award.


The award was designed and built by Scot Rogers with materials donated by GCGRS member.

Willow Lantern

The Award